What We Do at Our Hospitality Management Company

Our organization is comprised of the best in the industry – seasoned leaders who provide extraordinary results in top-line revenues and leadership development. We strive to be the most desirable and highly valued hospitality management firm in the industry, which we achieve through the following services.


Operational Excellence

Hotel Equities brings a proprietary, time-tested, balanced scorecard approach to excellent hotel management. Our hands-on approach, systematic processes, world-class training, individual property support, and resources allow us to achieve best-in-class results. Our strategic analytics, labor, and expense processes provide us with the ability to exceed owner expectations in revenues and profitability.

Revenue Management

We maximize revenues across all channels and have the right strategies in place to obtain market share growth and drive profitability. In addition, our revenue management teams are proactive and innovative as it relates to dynamic pricing, long-range forecasting, segmentation analysis, demand generation, and proprietary optimization resources. 

Finance and Accounting

Our centralized, in-house finance team ensures transparency with strong internal controls and a state-of-the-art accounting platform that allows us to consolidate real-time financial data and confidence to know all hotels are operating cost-effectively with the highest profitability. 

Sales, Marketing, &

Sales and marketing excellence, along with a focus in market share growth, is the key to our success. Each of our properties utilizes quarterly sales and marketing action plans for strategy and accountability. As a result, our hotels consistently achieve strong RevPAR market share growth by focusing on specific segments that pertain to each hotel to stay in front of the competition and optimize the strongest yield in all booking channels.

Food & Beverage

For our full-service, independent, select-service, and extended-stay brands, we use a strategic approach as it relates to food and beverage costs, CPOR (cost per occupied room), labor productivity, and overall guest satisfaction. Our proprietary procurement program provides opportunities to leverage spending and reduce CPOR across all hotels in our portfolio

Human Resources

Hotel Equities' experienced HR team plays a key role in business strategy development and implementation and staffing and organizational structure, allowing our owners and investors to have peace of mind knowing they are in compliance and protected when it matters.