Lobby at a Hotel Managed by Hotel Equities

Our Hospitality Company

Twenty-nine years ago, Fred Cerrone decided to turn his vision into a reality and establish Hotel Equities. Our Founder and Chairman was a former award-winning hotel general manager in his early 20s, and he used his knowledge of the industry to create a company that served the needs of associates, guests, and investors more efficiently.

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (The Golden Rule)
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Hire an attitude and teach them the business.
Inspect what you expect.
The greatest leaders are the greatest servants.
Wherever you are, be there.
If it were my money, would I spend it?
Nothing happens until somebody sells something.
Guests aren’t always right, but they are always guests.
Having integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.
Learn from your mistakes.
All people matter to God.

Our History Speaks for Itself

Through the years, Hotel Equities has become a trusted business partner, known for our ability to build equity and generate upside potential. We have a team of loyal associates who appreciate our people-centric culture and are passionate about their work, which, in turn, helps us build strong relationships that facilitate expansion, new construction and rebranding or re-use development. Satisfied guests frequently rave about our uncompromising service — and return for more. For all these reasons, we have received industry recognition for management and service excellence, year after year.

Our Business Approach


With fingers on the pulse of the markets, Hotel Equities’ development specialists have a finely honed formula for success that enables us to act quickly and confidently on new opportunities — a differentiator that our partners appreciate.


We spend a lot of time and energy nurturing our business relationships. It's in our culture. With a clear grasp of market demographics, our development team matches investors and potential owners with the right properties in the right locations to ensure a consistent ROI that transcends economic cycles.


Whether it’s moving into new markets, developing trophy sites or transforming underperforming hotels, our know-how consistently translates to maximum earning potential for partners and investors, stable career opportunitiesfor our associates and brand loyalty among our guests.

The Three-Legged Stool

When utilizing our services, you’ll hear it over and over — what matters most to us, what we’re dedicated to and what we are passionate about. Three key elements drive our business and we understand the need to balance our obligation to each one.

  1. Engaged Associates
  2. World-Class Guest Service
  3. Solid, Dependable Financial Results for Owners & Investors