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What We Do

Hotel Equities is a fee-based hospitality management & development firm that serves an array of clients, including REITs, private equity groups, individuals and strategic partnerships. 

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (The Golden Rule)
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Hire an attitude and teach them the business.
Inspect what you expect.
The greatest leaders are the greatest servants.
Wherever you are, be there.
If it were my money, would I spend it?
Nothing happens until somebody sells something.
Guests aren’t always right, but they are always guests.
Having integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.
Learn from your mistakes.
All people matter to God.

What We Do at Our
Hospitality Management Company

Our organization is comprised of the best in the industry – seasoned leaders who provide a plethora of knowledge to many diverse ownership and third-party partners. We deliver extraordinary results in top-line revenues and leadership development, as well as delivering superior profitability. We strive to be the most desirable and highly valued hospitality management firm in the industry, which we achieve through the following services.

Operational Excellence

Hotel Equities brings a proprietary, time-tested, balanced scorecard approach to excellent hotel management. Our hands-on approach, systematic processes, world-class training, individual property support and resources allow us to achieve best-in-class results. Our strategic analytics, labor and expense processes provide us with the ability to exceed owner expectations in revenues and profitability. We have achieved numerous awards from major brands in operational excellence, so you can count on us to improve your operations in a timely manner.

Sales, Marketing & E-Commerce

Sales and marketing excellence, along with a focus in market share growth, is the key to our success. Each of our properties utilizes quarterly sales and marketing action plans for strategy and accountability. As a result, our hotels consistently achieve strong RevPAR market share growth by focusing on specific segments that pertain to each hotel. Utilizing search engine optimization, eCommerce direct marketing and social media monitoring, Hotel Equities continues to stay in front of the competition and optimize the strongest yield in all booking channels.

Revenue Management

Our centralized revenue management approach ensures that we maximize revenues across all channels and have the right strategies in place to obtain market share growth and drive profitability. In addition, our revenue management teams are proactive and innovative as it relates to dynamic pricing, long-range forecasting, segmentation analysis, demand generation and proprietary optimization resources. This combination allows us to optimize market share across independent, full-service, select-service and extended-stay brands.


Our centralized, in-house finance team approach ensures transparency with strong internal controls, along with state-of-the-art accounting platform systems. Hotel Equities’ integrated network allows us to consolidate financial data and ensure all hotels are operating cost-effectively with the highest profitability. Our systematic approach and real-time financial data allow us to improve cash flow and key metrics for our ownership groups. We utilize daily communication with our hotels to ensure that cash flow balances, daily deposits, revenue flow and invoices are approved by the corporate staff. To ensure the most seamless processes, our finance team works closely with ownership groups daily, weekly and monthly as it relates to all financial matters.

Human Resources & World-Class Training

Hotel Equities’ human resources team plays a key role in business strategy development, implementation and response time! We understand how proper staffing and organizational structure relates to implementing effective home-run strategies with our current portfolio, as well as with future partnerships and acquisitions.

We have knowledge of the talent markets throughout the country. Our HR team understands that effectively delivering talent, based on core competencies, drives organizational capabilities. We have information systems in place that provide the right metrics and analytics. Our best operational practices are directly linked to our properties through technology, training and auditing processes.

Another quality we’re also proud of is our ability to provide great service 365 days a year! We treat associates like we treat our guests – we give our full attention to their needs and deliver on promises made.

Hotel Equities’ Human Resources Practices & Programs Include:

  • An HR Strategy That Is Integrated with the Business Strategy
  • The Use of Information Technology
  • Focusing on HR Talent Development
  • HR Drivers That Include Organization Design, Organization Development, Change Management, Employee Development, & Metrics
  • Utilization of HR Metrics & Analytics
  • Having a Highly Mobile & Qualified HR Team

Food & Beverage

For our full-service, independent, select-service and extended-stay brands, we use a strategic approach as it relates to food and beverage costs, CPOR (cost per occupied room), labor productivity and overall guest satisfaction. Our proprietary procurement program provides opportunities to leverage spending and reduce CPOR across all hotels in our portfolio.

Our strong financial acumen in operating, marketing and conceptually positioning food and beverage channels allows us to enhance the capture and profitability within each hotel’s business strategy. From groundbreaking hotel projects to repositioning hotels, our team prides itself on concepts, menu design and managing budgets and labor daily through performance reporting systems.


When it comes to development, we have the skillset needed to develop profitable hotels in all industry segments, including resort, full-service, independent, select-service and extended-stay hotels. We utilize third-party management, ground-up development, asset management and other special services to serve our investors and help stakeholders make wise investment decisions.