Class Notes from Hotel Equities' Management Training Program

Hotel EquitiesClass Descriptions

The fact that Hotel Equities’ associates consistently top the charts for guest satisfaction is no coincidence. Strong leadership and personal development training helps associates fulfill their career goals and inspires pride in jobs well done.

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Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. (The Golden Rule)
You never get a second chance to make a first impression.
Hire an attitude and teach them the business.
Inspect what you expect.
The greatest leaders are the greatest servants.
Wherever you are, be there.
If it were my money, would I spend it?
Nothing happens until somebody sells something.
Guests aren’t always right, but they are always guests.
Having integrity is doing the right thing when no one is looking.
Learn from your mistakes.
All people matter to God.

Training Class Descriptions

Training classes by Hotel Equities are designed to help you and your property succeed in the hospitality industry. Find out how we will achieve success by the descriptions of our courses below:


Our Foundations Class is intended for all new associates, though we also mandate annual attendance for all leaders, including above-property coaches. This class focuses on the culture of Hotel Equities and what makes us unique to the industry. Attendees learn about the history of our company and the culture of our organization, founded by Fred Cerrone, Chairman and CEO. This class is offered in Atlanta, at opening hotels throughout the company, and in markets as needed.

General Manager Onboarding

This is required for each newly hired GM. The program is led by their respective Operations Coach and includes all tools, materials and processes that are required for a new GM to succeed with Hotel Equities. The onboarding process typically includes time spent at our corporate office in Atlanta, GA or at our regional office in Plano, TX.

General Managers’ & DOS Annual Meetings

A variety of training sessions are included in the GM's annual meeting. Topics may include Sales, e-Commerce, Human Resources, Associate Engagement and Retention, Leadership Development and any relevant compliance issues. Typically 18-24 sessions are offered at each annual meeting.

Individual Development Program

This self-directed program is available to all Hotel Equities associates and is a pre-requisite for being considered for Hotel Equities' Management Development Program. In this program, students are given an opportunity to complete over 30 tasks related to their hotel, Hotel Equities and the hospitality industry. Topics include but are not limited to; front office, sales, accounting and our company's five pillars.

Management Development Program

The first in a series of leadership programs, this class is intended for managers and supervisors new to a supervisory/managerial role within Hotel Equities. The curriculum includes many aspects of management and leadership skills that one needs to be successful within Hotel Equities and in leadership in general, with both classroom sessions and self-directed module's. The class duration is six months, with three in-person sessions and 10-15 self-directed assignments and a hotel specific individual project. Attendees can also participate via web conference if located outside the Atlanta area.

Leadership Development Program

The second in a series of leadership programs, this class is intended for those with multi-unit responsibilities. With both classroom and self-directed modules available, the curriculum includes many aspects of leadership skills that one needs to be successful within Hotel Equities when leading others. This six-month class is predominantly self-directed, with a coach/mentor who guides participants through the required curricula and culminates with a company team project that benefits Hotel Equities.

Management Training Program (view the brochure)

The Hotel Equities Management Training Program is designed for recent college graduates who are interested in the hospitality industry and need to learn more about the day to day operation of a hotel. This one-year program drills down into each area of the hotel - the management trainee is given an opportunity for hands-on experience; including all areas of hotel operations, including transitions, take-overs and new hotel openings. Upon completion of this program, management trainees are typically promoted into the role of an Operations Manager or an Assistant GM.

Sales Manager Onboarding

A self-directed program for each newly hired Director of Sales and/or Sales Manager, this program is led by their respective General Manager and Sales Coach. It includes all tools, materials, and processes that are required for a new DOS/Sales Manager to succeed with Hotel Equities.

Front Desk Sales Training

This class is taught to front desk staff at hotels to help them understand the role that they play in helping the hotel achieve their revenue goals. We review specific brand and STR reports and teach the sales process to the team. This class is taught at the hotel.